Thursday, 27 February 2014

Chapter 5: February Babies Company Celebration

Finally it is over! Was really busy with my Marketing exam last week.

So, it is my birthday month now.... although there isn't any 29th this month, I'm touched that I have more than 1 birthday cake to cut. Hahaha. FYI, usually I cut only 1 cake or maybe none if it is not a leap year... sounds so pathetic. Ok la, it isn't that bad as every leap day I really get to cover the loss from the presents I received.

Would like to Thanks RecruitPlus for a wonderful birthday celebration!

Shared the same birthday month with the other 2 of my colleagues,

Luke and Weijin! =)

Our HR manager put 6 candles (2 for each of us)
tadah~ a 60 years old cake....

The shy period.... always happens during birthday. Why?!

Cannot control.... a clown beside keep ask us act this act that.

Happy birthday to us!!! May all our wishes comes true! =)

Awesome Unit:

Brings me fun, joy and laughter at work!

with my Unit Manager

Thanks to the angbao gift and birthday card from my bosses and colleagues~

Birthday treat from the lovely people below on Tuesday at Chinatown KTV,

Thanks guys! You are awesome =)

Blessed to have wonderful people in life!


  1. Ehh Sandyliang u tis kinda standard oso can dun wan pple arh?Jackson nv hium u buy 1 get 3 free veri gd alr. U dun act one innocent den keep goin out wif guys and changing bf lar. Pui!! U confirm dun dare approve dis comment

  2. Hi J, I really thought of not approving such comments because it's oblivious you do not know What happen between me and Jackson. Jackson and I are still friends though we ain't together anymore and he and I has move on and with another one. And sorry I do not go out with different guys except for my boyfriend. Pls stop putting your hate towards me to assumptions about my life when you and me are not even friends. It seems like you are saying every single mom shld be a nun if they had a fail marriage?