Monday, 17 February 2014

Chapter 3: Valentine Day 2014

February, the month of love and my favorite month of the year!

Received a bouquet of beautiful roses during work on Valentine's.
Very unexpected surprise by someone special.

A delivery man came....


So, what is Valentine without a dinner date? :)

After work met up with the "bad ass" that sent me flowers..
he brought me to this Multiverse Bar that serves Spanish cuisine.

Entrance to Multiverse Bar...

The outlook of the staircase going up to the Rooftop Bar...

Vintage outlook


Setting of the Rooftop Bar

There is 3 space for you to choose from, their first storey space which consist of Sports Bar (Gaming).
And the 2nd storey space that consists Indoor dining and Rooftop settings.

A beautiful venue that consists of rooftop dining and drinks.
Heart-warming ambiance, away from the bustling city.

If anyone is looking for a quiet venue and romantic place to chill/dine-in OR if you are a gamer,
this place is definitely worth the consideration!

There is this unique gaming facilities cum bar whereby you can have a beer and play your favorite arcade game on their 1st storey space.

Creative Menu: Currently offering 1 Alcohol Drink for 1 Free Tapas etc.

VERY spicy and delicious Buffalo Wings...

Delicious Spanish sides...

This Garlic Steak is one of their specialties! It will literally melt in your mouth...

Hawaiian Pizza! My favourite of all!

Address: Multiverse Bar
68 Dunlop Street Singapore 209396

Loves the pretty bouquet very much!

Feeling so homely lately, not even 10pm and I decided to head back to home sweet home.

Reached home and my kids were still awake...
even happier to see what I was carrying,

See how hiao this didi is when he carry on the roses!

keep smiling and smiling to himself~~

Started to camwhore with the momma..

Even told me that he wants to take photos with me while kissing me! =)
Very sweet boy!

This little man of mine seems to knows its Valentine's and must treat me exceptionally nice hahaha!

The little Neos actually snatch the bouquet and wants to have a shot of their own, so here goes:

Jiejie Neo

Meimei Neo

& Didi Neo

The pictures that are worth a thousand smiles =) Priceless.

Guess the cheeky genes just runs in my little Neos! 101 expressions from little Charlene.

Cheeky time with the momma!

My first love.
People usually comment she looks like me the most.

Next day after Valentine, decided to bring the kids out to catch The Lego Movie!

Charlene is angry of someone hence the angry face... hahahaha EPIC!

Love the 3 of them the most! My loves of my life =)

We've been watching movies for consecutive 2 weeks and as usual, Javian never fails to fell asleep halfway through the movie...

But anyway, rating for the Lego Movie shall give it a 3/5 stars.

Maybe because I'm not really a Lego person, so I feel it is just so-so... but still, the girls and my little bro was enjoying it. Which is more than enough =)

Objective fulfilled!

Heading over to my wifey's 2nd born full month celebration in awhile!
Newborn!!!! *Excited much*



  1. Hi you are not together w your hus anymore?

    1. Hi Anonymous, nope we are not related ever since 2012.

    2. I see. can see that you are doing good without him. keep it up! :)

  2. Why no picture of your date uhhh?