Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Chapter 6: Phoebe & Charlene Birthday Celebration

Still getting used to blogging... 

Work vs School vs Personal life vs Computer time is so tight! When I was a SAHM, I get to blog often as I have the advantage of owning that kind of free time to do my own stuffs because I do not have to worry on additional things such as my work, my schoolwork and examination. 

Just in case anyone is wondering how hard it takes to do a post.... it freaking took me at least 1 and a half hours to complete just a quick post - no thanks to the trouble of coordinating the images! 

Since i'm back to blogging, I will try to make some time to do it regularly =)

So the birthday month had passed! Shall rewind back to the 28th of February~
My 2nd precious actual 5th Birthday and my "so-called"birthday haha.

As always, I held a birthday celebration for both Phoebe (actual birthday on 2nd March and falls on Sunday) and Charlene birthday together in their school. 

Pretty little dresses on my lovely birthday girls =)
Received FOX Dresses from their Chinese Teacher as a gift.
Probably the sweetest teacher on earth! 

Goody bags preparation,

Mixture of Disney Princesses and The Cars!

Didi is already staring into space.................

So after a little warm up,

How to resist this little boy?!

He loves to pose in front of the camera more than me.

and is good at giving different kinds of expressions!

When is it starting, mommy?

Disney Princess (Their current favorite cartoon) birthday cake for the girls,

Every mom's favorite: Taking photos of their little ones, especially when they are co-operative!

Happy little Neos! =)

I love it when they stick together! 

That kind of bond is indescribable...

My little Javian, are you hungry already?

Come babies, last pretty pose for your momma!

Getting ready to sing birthday songs with their classes,

Phoebe looks like she's living in her own world, and Charlene acting #likeaboss hahaha

Charlene: Ok, I'm all ready to blow the candle!

Lucky there's still one more candle for Phoebe... hahahaha

The loves of my life! 

the smiles on the 3 of your faces are already more than anything else =) 

Group photos with the classes,

Take note of the little Neos' expressions!!!!

Take 1

Take 2: Didi - too busy see girls
Jiejie - too busy and kpo around
Meimei - i don't want take picture~~

Take 3 - probably the best among the 3.

After cake cutting, Javian's moves were the fastest! He was the first to sit down and enjoy his cake,

Javian: "must move these things away, so extra disturb my dessert time!"

*settling down*

*hmmmmm.... yum yum*

Mommy, you want some too?

It's really nice~ *grins*

*try the cream part*

oh myyyy goddd..........

what are you looking at?

i'm enjoying my cake right now!

you sure you don't want a mouth?

And look who we bump into? Just in time for other classes lunch,

Their cousin, Denise! =)

gave her a bag of treats too! 
guess the other kiddos in her class must be thinking why this auntie so bias.... LOL

Javian: You sure you don't want some?

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