Friday, 14 February 2014

Chapter 2: Chinese New Year 2014

I think I spent too many hours uploading images for this post. Now that I'm back to blogging, I felt very much like a noob typing a blog post. Seems that everything changes, especially when uploading of photos and all the alignment just kept running about -.-

Anyway, I was actually thinking to do up on a post from 2013 events but no thanks for been unfamiliar, I guess I will just stick to something simple for starters.

Yes, Chinese New Year!

Coincidentally, I remember the last time I last wrote a long post, was also about Chinese New Year but it was for the year 2012. How time flies~~ it's the year of 2014 now.

This period never fails to remain "almost-the-same". With lots of lou-hei, gambling session and gatherings! Oh yes, and not forgetting the yummy goodies and steamboat!

Chinese New Year Eve,

Trip to River Hongbao almost every year with my family...

As for reunion dinner, my dad has this weird habit of not booking any restaurants for it...
because he believes that there will be seats as every year
we manage to get seats in a Chinese Restaurant without reserving seats.

but this year wasn't the case, all the Chinese Restaurants were FULL............................

Better than not having anything, we had Lerk Thai @ Marina Square =)

Snap 2 shots with the little brother~

Watched the movie, Robocop after dinner

Then it was almost an hour to 12 after the movie, so we waited for the grand finale~


Day 1 and 2 of Chinese New Year,

So the Momma (me) starts to snap and snap non-stop.....

"Because we are different" look

Didi was very obsessed with Army nowadays after watching ABTM for "n" times....
that explains the "yes-sir hand signal" that he's doing.

Most epic shot of the day..... This cheeky boy enjoys torturing his sister.

Meimei: 好无奈~~~~~~~~~~ 救命啊...

The thing about taking a shot for 3 kids (especially when their age gap is close),
you will spent super long time to take THAT perfect shot.

yes, really LONG time. *stabs myself* 

Didi is soooo getting into it....

See how much Didi loves taking photo?

Even while eating bah kwa, he can still pose swee swee! =D

That's why they say, when the kids are young, we have to really treasure and enjoy the time that they are sticky.

Caught a loving moment, the tired ones...

Gathered with my lovelies on Day 2 of CNY!


& After

It was supposed to be a lou-hei and gambling session. But the thoughtful girls
actually turned it to be a surprise day for us, the February babies (Huili, Meifong and myself)!

Thanks a lot to Cherrie and Mabel for loving us so much =P

Birthday ice-cream cake!

The February Babies!

Too many cameras around, make a wish will shy......

Huat ah!!! May all our wishes comes true!!!

Lots of loves, to my lovelies!

7 years and counting on... Appreciated.

Thanks for the advanced birthday presents!

Pandora Valentine's Collections Charms

Just a few days ago, had my CNY company dinner @ Jumbo Riverside Seafood Restaurant.

Received my  angbaos!
Courtesy from the bosses for my kids and I.

The awesome unit. Hahahaha!

Coincidentally, there were 3 other colleagues who wore red that night....
So we were known as the "Red Woman" of the night!

Company photo...


Wish for a prosperous and abundant Chinese New Year!
May the Horse year bring happiness, luck and good fortune =)

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  1. Hi Sandy, it is great to see you back to blogging. I used to read your blog often. Your kids have grown up So much! All the best, babe! :)