Sunday, 23 February 2014

Chapter 4: Sister Neos Year End Concert 2013

An outdated post as you can see the title it's the year 2013 year end concert...
Definitely a need to post on my blog!

I've always love attending concerts. Moreover, it is my kids' concert and
this year is gonna be Phoebe's Final Year in pre-school.

This momma here is anticipating and looking forward to it very much!!!
fyi: Javian has yet to participate in any of the concert as he is still young..

So on the day of the concert itself, we woke up really early to prepare for the girls..

Very excited jiejie Neo!

meimei looking very hiao... hahaha

Helping my cutie pie to apply slight make-up...

The concert was held at Mindef Auditorium Hall.

First up was Charlene! During the dance, feels like she's living in her own world...
(View the video below for more details)

Forgotten the moves, baby?

Didi Neo was with me.......

He probably watch until want sleep zzzzzzzz hahahaha

Then was Phoebe! Love her dance theme, mixture of 2 songs!
(View the video below for more details)

End of the dance, every classes/groups gather together to sing the final song.

Can you spot the girls?

All of the little ones are soooooo adorable!

Spot Phoebe and Charlene!!! *waves*

Come up and find momma~ hahaha

Photo sessions altogether!

Didi, you see until your enemy??? LOL

Sisterly loves!

Feeling so loved from my girls =)

Didi feeling lost by himself..... oops

Trying to coax him~

Like i always said, it's really hard to capture a good and perfect shot of the 3 of them...

How true?

Forever there will definitely be someone that will give that funny, cheeky AND weird look~

very much loving the smiles my girls gave in these photos though. Priceless!!!

What can i say about Didi Neo's expressions.... his face tak maintain~

They are the loves of my life!
Blessed, appreciated and contented.

As mentioned, videos of Phoebe and Charlene performing respectively...


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