Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Chapter 16: Boracay Trip Part 2

Finally it's the end of September!

wasn't having a good period to start with this month but finally it's over~

so naturally my mood goes to updating my blog teehee

Updating this super overdue post.....

hopefully this 2 weeks I will be constantly feeling this way 
so that my blog would not just rot away.

Continue where i've left off...

Speaking about the beauty of the island.....
you will only be witness them during a "whole sunny day".

Which I thank god for granting us with such a beautiful sun!

It's the early evening sun btw.......

We are sooooo happy!

trying to act cute here but i like this shot of him hahahaha

We are going for sun-set sailing!

the "boat" that we sat on

Not sure why, but whatever angle you take under the sun it just creates THAT moment!

so please remember to take LOTS and really LOTS of photos under the sun!

getting ready for the jump-shot

Happy happy!

The best moment is here....

when the sun sets,

How can you not love the background?!

Too pretty!

Love love!

a snap shot of baby happened to do his hair.... 
it looks as if he's trying to pose for my camera hahahaha

Now the boys' turn....

Superman pose!!!!

I would love to post hundreds of such photos....

We definitely had lots and lots of fun :)

i miss Boracay already after typing a post of this... gosh

One of my few favorites shots...

was taken by Yi Jun and his camera....

Samsung DSLR very awesome

Like the colour of the images

Together, you and I, hand in hand <3

Ending our day... chilling,

The 4th day, early in the morning......

yes we had spaghetti for breakfasts!

my favorite food hee! 
i've actually ate it in almost EVERY restaurants we set foot in 
*no joke~ baby says he can never understand my love for pasta haha*

my breakfast, lunch, dinner!

After breakfast, was land activity!

beautiful view of Station 1 Fairway Resort area

It's zipline time!

But first, let us take some memories!

accidentally press until the button and realize it's a shot of our feets hahaha

Preparing to swing across~

but why are we wearing this? an apron to get ready to cook?

of course not! it's to swing in superman style!

Don't push me down......

all ready! 

Our travel buddies and Michael kept asking us to take a kiss shot again....

But I HAVE TO ADMIT, it's one of my favorite shot!!!!

I love this photo sooooooo much! 
except for the 2 at the side photobombing it  haha

So you go, I go?

one last shot before you go off...

And off we go!

Fast but not a scary experience. But something different because most of the time when i play zipline i'm sitting the traditional style and superman style was the first!

It's worth the try!

Then this is the cable car that will bring us back after you've reached the other end....

very squeezy when 8 people sits together...

US! =D


At night... it was time for party!

How can you miss a beach party?! Ok not exactly a beach party...
but we settled down in a "bar-club" called Juice! really awesome place!
(thanks to Jasmine for the recommendation)

The drinks were mad cheap...
we ordered the beers like free and they drank "ferarri" 
(the same version as lambo) like free too

all in all add up cost about 75 SGD? my god...

back in Singapore, 3 cups of lambo probably cost nearing SGD 100 -.-

Snap here, snap there!

Then we start to love each other more by expressing it hahaha....

Really an awesome trip and a bonus to meet such wonderful travel buddies!

the "ferarri"

Oh yes! We did diving during the trip too!

Yi Jun and Jamie did not had the diving license but they were keen to tried out the explorer dive!

You see... I know I've been saying this many many times already in my post but seriously,
what are the odds to find such an awesome travel buddies?!

Follow follow~

 i feel that i look like  Tim in this photo -.-
i'm the one twisting btw haha

the buddies getting used to it

Yi Jun's a pro new diver... hahaha

Many fishes.... feeding bread to them,

Can i touch one plsssss...



More of us and myself because Tim is the photographer hahahah

love this shot! :)

trying hard to act like i've fins. 


Let's keep swimming... let's keep swimming~ swimming~

wait what's that?!

It's gone?!

Say HI!

More of our wefies session,

bad shots i know hahahaha


Our instructor taking a group photo for us!

Thanks to the instructor!

the instructor's the one in the middle...

Anyway, although the photos looks like I'm having a fun time underwater...

I nearly drown underwater -- at around 35 minutes down there? 
(it was 10m deep) due to my faulty regulator  (i could not breathe in any oxygen at all) 
So i actually start to panic and remove my mask immediately. Felt like swimming up straight but i didn't do that, (i thought i was going to die) because you are not allow to do that when you are underwater, a BIG no-no thing to do due to the compressed pressure in our body. Ascending straight up is a suicide method for divers. 

The proper procedure is to make a complete safety stop before you reached the surface, slowing ascend to 5m before the surface and complete that for 5-10 minutes 
before we can rise up to the surface.

I'm really really thankful that I did not had any side effects or choi choi.....

Scary experience.... thinking back just brings the chill.

Thanks to the instructor and Baby who brought me back to the surface~ :(
cannot help to feel blessed that Tim's a better and calmer diver than I am...

So that's about all for my 5 days 4 nights Boracay Trip!

Happy moments, scary moments, crazy moments!

Till then....