Monday, 24 March 2014

Chapter 8: Bangkok Birthday Trip II

Holla~ I'm back! 

Finally, finished my last module examination last Thursday! Am looking very forward to the release of my results! Last step to the next step. Shall talk more about it when i know my result... which will be only be released 1 month later -.- boo~ 

Anyway, as mentioned in my previous post, after the staycation in Sentosa, baby and I went for a short impromptu getaway to Bangkok! Definitely a very last minute trip as we booked and confirm the flight and hotel only on Thursday. The same week that we departed on (a Saturday).

Baby thought that the best short getaway is Bangkok and forgotten about the protest.. LOL

But still, it was a fulfilling trip! =)

Off we go! Bye Singapore~

3 days 2 night trip, we stayed in Bangkok Marriott Hotel, Sukhumvit.

Hi-tech lift system. Touch screen mode, and only goes to your level from your card access.

The room is like an executive business room. 
Super comfortable to be in. Especially the spacious bathtub, comes with a city view on your side.

The first night we just roam around Terminal 21 etc. and had a powerful 2 hours of massage at Thong Lor!
We started shopping only on the 2nd day, first stop to JJ market (chatuchak)!

Weather was soooooooooooo HOT! It was a sunny season the past month. 
Totally felt like my face is melting....

still, there were many people around. crowded, hot, sweating, sticky, arghs.....

More fulfilling buys in chatuchak were Junior's items! Super steal! =D
Then was Platinum mall for another round of shopping.

After shopping for 8 hours......
baby brought me to visit the protest area!

we even went down to join the crowded....

still wear red.... lol!!!! 

sat on the tuk-tuk to have authentic thai food for dinner!

A gem that was recommended by baby. The food tastes awesomely delicious! 
150% mouth watering! I ate this for dinner for 2 continuous days!

plus it's mad cheap! 3 dishes 1 soup and 2 rice, only $13 for 2?!

the best of the best, tom yum soup!
Am drooling just by looking at these images..... 

Had visited Bangkok countless of times ever since young... usually with family and 
it's always travelling around by car or taxi. 

This trip was the first time that i actually took Bangkok's BTS!

Was really amazed or "sua ku" to be exact... didn't know it was still so old school!

Singapore's "old times" ticket machine! 

MRT used to be so amazing with this type of service mode can. LOL

baby see how suaku i reacted and asked me to pose a nice photo with the ticket #okcan

so i entertain him too! hahahahaha

During the night we went up to Marriott's Rooftop Bar,
48th storey high...

the humidity in the air made my body so sticky and uncomfortable -.-

But it's a beautiful place, and great place to chill at... 
there's even an in-house DJ playing R&B music too

With a gorgeous city view of Bangkok.

3rd day and continue shopping before transferring to the airport.

Bye the land of smiles! 

Brought back 3 luggage!
1 of which is for clothes, another 2 is for shopping loots!

The loots,

80% for the kids + Junior while 20% is for myself!
I have this weird habit of not getting too much of my own things overseas... 
but i spent a lot on clothes in Singapore. blah....

My favourite buy!!! 
Junior's home sweet home! Got it for 20 SGD ONLY!

pets owners really must visit JJ market for your furkids' items!

Thanks baby for all that you have done for my "birthday"! 
"You make me feel like the happiest girl on earth. Xoxo"


  1. Understand that u and ur ex hus separated ever since 2012 dat point of time u hav a bf name Jackson and nw this new bf? u change 2 bf in 2 years? Wow..... hw their family accept u divorce n gt 3kids? Or u jus hide the truth frm them? btw I realise u choose comments to approve... I hope u can reply to dis though no offence

    1. Wow! I am SO amazed on how much info you got there about me! AND yet, you are asking me why i actually change 2 bf this 2 years and whether their parents blah blah blah. LOL! I thought that you should know since you seems like you know it all, my dear anonymous! :) The only comments i have not accepted are people asking stupid questions just like you. But I'm making you as an exception since you acted like you are not offensive ASSUMING about my life, even to the stage that you have to act as an anonymous to ask me things... Wow. You actually make me feel like someone impt to you that you need to know so much about my current situation (thank you very much) and how much does SPH pays you to ask me all this questions? Alright jokes aside you probably can't even get this :) There's 2 results in a relationships, either you live together all your lifetime with the one, if not you part your way with them. You don't know who will be the right one even if you have been together for like 10 years? 20 years? If the person isn't "the one", no matter you been with the person for a long time, there will still be a full stop between the both of you right? Yes, Jackson used to be my boyfriend but we found out that we wasn't suitable for each other do we stay long together just to show that we can last? No right? Obviously, if there's anything to hide about my divorce and my kids, you won't be asking whether they could accept about my divorce and my kids? LOL social media is very advanced, anonymous. I don't hide my kids' photos in any of my social platform (with his family in it). So does that answer your question now? I'm not trying to be rude towards you, next time, you might want to leave down your number. I will be more than happy to speak to you and share with you more 1st hand details from my own mouth =)

  2. Anonymous... It has been some time since Sandy has last wrote a blog post and her intention is just to share her joy and love with her readers and I know that they appreciate her honesty.

    I reckon that you read her blog for certain reasons but it is definitely not for anyone to judge because nobody is perfect. Everybody has their own way of thinking and ways to live their own life and I think we can applaud her for being honest about her feelings on this blog.

    Life is unpredictable and nobody can predict the future. I am sure that nobody wants to be part of a broken marriage. Are you trying to say that you never experienced a broken relationship before and you only have 1 boyfriend in your entire life? If that is the case then I will be the first one to congratulate you. But does it mean that if you have more than 1 failed relationship and it means the end of the world and you don't believe in love anymore? I'm sure that you are more mature than this to understand this simple logic of life.

    Fyi, my family knows and accepts everything about her. Being assumptive about this proves how ignorant you are of her current affairs (Let alone, past affairs). Well, I don't think it even concerns you right? :)

    Anyway, this is her blog and she can choose to approve or disapprove any comments. You should be honored that she actually took time to reply you because if I were you, I would be ashamed for asking those questions. If you are related to her and concerned about her, you should be well-aware of what is happening in her life instead of faking an anonymous nick to ask her these superficial questions. So, please get a life and at least do something more meaningful for yourself. :)

  3. Hi Sandy,
    Been following your past blog since Phoebe's birth :)
    Glad that you are back to blogging :)
    Keep on updating!
    I will always support you :)

    1. Hi Anonymous, that's very sweet of you! Thank you =)