Sunday, 16 March 2014

Chapter 7: Sentosa Birthday Celebration

28th February didn't end after the kids' birthday celebration in School.

My sweetest baby booked a staycation surprise for me in Sentosa...
off we went for check-in! 

As expected, although it was supposed to be a "surprise" and he kept trying to stir me around...
I already knew that it was Amara Sanctuary Resort that we were heading to.

Wahaha i'm such a surprise spoiler..

anyway, i'm gonna say it's one of the best suite i've been to!

He actually booked the Larkhill Terrace Suite!
Rating: 9.5/10 

Shall let the photos to do the talkings,

The room

The bed is HUGE and very comfortable... hahaha

The room is attached to another door that leads to,

A bathtub and awesome sun-bed!

*notice the door there*

twin basin and the overall view,

The door that I ** about leads to a beauty infinity pool!

Just less than 5 steps away from the room! How cool is that?!

Panoramic view of the beautiful pool,

The infinity pool is really a big plus! 
the suite reminds me of a mini Montigo though.. save my time travelling LOL

Mom and dad brought the kids over to join us in and the afternoon.
and of course, all of them couldn't resist the pool, 

In the baby pool

In the evening, settled down in Putien restaurant to have our birthday dinner~

The red wine chicken is so mouth-watering!

another small part of surprise came, with my favourite pine garden Lychee Martini!
people who knows me, knows i'm a fussy eater... especially to cakes =x

Not forgetting, it's my girls' birthday too!!! 
it's definitely happier to share the cake with them,

Bless to share almost the same birthday as my daughters! =)

Let's sing to each other birthday songs.....

Cake-cutting session,

Charlene gives the "Huat ahhhhh~" expression! LOL

Indescribable happiness =)

Thankful for everything!!!

After dinner, dad and mom left with the kids.
so baby and I went back to the suite to rest.

Watched tv and was felling asleep...
suddenly, someone outside rang the doorbell and there were many noises!!!

was somehow startled awake and i began wondering, who could that be?!?!
Turn to look at the cunning looking man beside me 
and he told me to just open the door....

oh my godddddd.... it was MY LOVELY GIRLFRIENDS with their spouses and kids!!

I thought I only see such surprises on youtube or dramas LOL
Super touched and speechless. I totally have zero expectation that anyone will come all the 
way in to Sentosa in the night to surprise me...

Felt really loved, blessed and thankful to have this lovelies with me! 

all of them wear so nice and pretty while i'm still in my sleepwear oops haha!

Love you all forever and always~

Not gonna be mushy here because I know you know what i'm thinking =)

Thank you for all the efforts you've done!
I love you! <3

The next day, baby and I headed for our impromptu trip to Bangkok! 

shall continue in the next post~ ciaoz!


  1. you and pearlyn no longer friends?

    1. Hi there, are you trying to dig something?

  2. just curious! you and pearlyn used to be bff? now i see you no longer post any pictures with her, like she's no longer in that group. i'm sorry this question offended you!

    1. Hi Anonymous, I thought that if you know me or her you should know what happened between us. It's very obvious.

  3. she's with your ex husband? omg.

  4. now I totally understand why both of you are no longer friends. it's so lucky that your kids are following you instead of your husband. you're a great mum and I'm happy for you. all the best to you and I'm sorry if I 提起 your 伤心事!

    1. Actually we are sharing the kids, the kids still see and spend time with both of us equally :) it's not 伤心事 at all, rather i treat it as a life lesson that luckily came early. Witness the ugly side of human nature!

  5. yeah. it's a good life lesson for you. i experienced it as well few years back. but it is not as shocking as yours! haha. stay happy :)