Sunday, 6 April 2014

Chapter 9: Family day-out to ECP

Manage to have some time out for a post! 

Been 2 weeks~ still feeling quite a hassle to blog every now and then. Ever since I've stopped blogging for 2 years, my current concentration is spending time with my family, work, my loved ones and having lots of rest! Imagine, 5 days a week i have to use the computer non-stop for more than 8 hours is very sick already, so when i'm back at home i will seriously avoid the laptop/desktop. 

Anyway, flashback to few weeks ago (Saturday), had an awesome day out with my family to East Coast Park!

Dad's suggestion... it's been so-damn-long our whole family went for an outdoor activity! 
Used to have it every weekends.. 

Brought the kids and even little Junior along!

My loves!

They rented this to cycle on.....

Eric, Javian and Charlene all ready!

Baby rented a "pet bicycle" for our little Junior! =)

Say cheese.........

Junior looking all-so-curious!

Happy family~ <3

Had fun cycling little Junior around too!

Stopped by near the beach for the kids to play in the sea,

Meimei and Didi is pretty scare of the sea.... hahaha

Phoebe very much enjoying herself

didi just stuck playing with the sand

Junior is very happy too!

"See i smile until my eyes cannot see!" =D hahaha

Thirsty...... *pant pant*

It's cornetto time~!

my youngest one!

Junior starts to"nua" on us... all feeling tired~

Favorite photos of the day!

I love you, you love me!

Happy day! =)

Before entering Burger King for dinner,

my cheeky 2 just couldn't let go of kids' attractions -.-

Because Junior is not allowed to enter Burger king, baby and I didn't join my family for dinner... 
so we decided to have fun roller-blading!

A day of cycling, swimming and roller-blading! =)

Till then...

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