Thursday, 28 August 2014

Chapter 14: Trillion Star Yacht Sailing

Holla! This is probably the shortest and on-the-spot post that I am able to write now...

Few weeks ago, Tim brought me along for yacht sailing with his band of brothers.
The yacht is parked at Marina @ Keppel Bay.

So we met the rest there, and off we go!


Very hot and sunny weather it was that day... but no doubt a good experience!

tried my best (but obviously fail) to take a full video of the whole yacht
as meipai only capture 10 seconds on each video you uploaded...

The yacht is called Trillion Star, able to hold maximum 12 pax.

Here it is,

A small yacht BUT it consists of a master bedroom, side double-deck bedroom, a toilet, a kitchen and "living room" with built-in Karaoke. *i know i sound so much like promoting the yacht* teehee! and also a very awesome suntan-bed area in the front, near the captain there is a sunbed for you to rest, below there is a "good space" for you to fish, jump in, dive in, swim in.

BABY! <3

The brothers fishing.....


There was a stop in Kusu Island.... birds no lay eggs at all.
The so-called legendary tortoise island i suppose it's this?

You wouldn't be able to find anyone here,

maybe just sampat "tourists" like us. LOL


the Doraemon yacht


Dinner time, the boss of the yacht prepared BBQ food for us! There's many other yummy food but i've stop snapping photos as i was really busy eating my chicken wings.... hahaha


The band of brother capture the number of fishes.... the bowl was filled
almost full till all the fishes died :( so poor thing

end up nobody ate them anyway.


Now you know where to see beautiful sunset in Singapore? :)

my camera didn't do much justice to this sunset anyway.... it's looks really beautiful in real life!

Ending of the day.... me looking really tired with Tim.

Our last stop, we went over to Sentosa, Song of the Seas to catch fireworks! =)

Be back soon! 

I hope... :D

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