Saturday, 5 July 2014

Chapter 13: Tioman Diving Trip with ScubaPeople

And I'm back! 

Decide to start my post on my diving trip which happens last year... i know it's so outdated already but i feel it's really a waste to not share this experience here!

Tim and I went for our diving trip twice both at Tioman with ScubaPeople.

Glad to sign up with them in Adex (thanks to Derek and his gf's recommendation)!

Trip started on September or October last year i guess?
Can't really remember... but the 2nd trip was during the Halloween period though!

Summarise up, it was a 3 days and 2 nights trip... 1st day will be spent travelling and settled down in the Motel near to the jetty where we should take our ferry to Tioman. By the time it reached the place it was already past midnight, so usually it's 1 night spent in the motel then waking up really early the next morning to set off to Tioman!

Shall not be too long-winded and get straight to the point.... 

During our first trip, both Tim and I took up the open water course (OWC) together, total of 5 dives to complete.. but beforehand, we have to take the theory and pool sessions. Rashid was our instructor in the pool session and Philbert as our instructor in open sea! They are like the #thebestinstructorsonearth. Haha! But anyway the second trip was a Halloween Event organized by ScubaPeople and Berjaya Tioman. Shall share more details below... 

My kiasu Tim manage to complete his advanced certification during the 2 trips *envious max.....*

It's really once in a lifetime experience to be in the underwater life.... everything you see, you feel, you hear, is really very different. Bet all divers just love that "bubbles"sound hahaha.

Went to different diving spots and this is one of them~!

I must say Tioman's visibility is pretty good.. water is clear and clean too. 

You can literally see fishes swimming on shore or even a diver passing by if he/she is not toooo low like (8m and more). My camera just don't do much justice.

More dive spots....

Some scenery shots~

The 2 heavy dive equipment bags that we have to carry on...

Tim and I actually purchased dive suit for ourselves and 2 masks for our comfort.
the comfortable level wearing a rental suit/mask and your own is really a HUGE difference. 

For eg. when i wore the rental suit for my first trip, i have problem staying underwater for more than 20 min or even 20 min to be exact, because it was really really cold, and i was shivering non-stop. The rental suit wasn't very fitting on me by the way. But after I purchase one fitting suit of my own, I can complete the dive with the rest for straight 40 min!

Now I can't wait for my fins to arrive and go for another trip after HGF!

Who's that fish? Ha!

Everyone's preparing to jump down the boat.... 

And off we go!

Hands in hands, you and i~~~

See the visibility level??? How awesome is that!

My fringe is so messy....... Tim looking good with his pink mask? 

Say what?????

Ya I know my hair is very messy....

Come... remove your regulator and SMILE! =D

Look what we've found???

Who say you can't keep fit underwater?

Come let's play open numbers.....

Hey you, wait! I want you!

The Tioman "Playground"

Usually divers will go through it and play around...

Spot that flag?

Chermaine! Our dive master!

First trip shot -- Holding onto the strings the first time you enter underwater...

Then we went on our own....

Hi there, this is my gym instructor, Timothy...

Bubbles, bubbles

He's teaching me how to use the treadmill underwater.

We are the center ones... the 2 person next to us, looks like merman huh?

During the 2nd trip, Philbert suggested to do a jetty dive. Wanted to do just a normal boat dive but was pull to do this. My god. And I survived! LOL

See the jetty? Spot me!

and down I go~

This experience makes you feel like you are been stir inside a washing machine...

Romantic.... teehee.

Some even clearer shots from Philbert's cam!

I'm a happy diver =D

Ready to do a boat dive!

Heading back to shore...

With the awesome instructors/girlfriends and us!

Philbert, Fiona, Rayner, Marina and Bowei.

We had tons of fun!

Back on shore, during the 2nd trip as mentioned, it was a Halloween Event trip!

Tim and I went to rent our halloween costumes at Costumes N Parties, along Kampung Bahru shop houses.
The rental costs are ranging from as low as $35 to $100.

the wolfman -- Timothy Jacob Yam *ahem*

As expected, we were arrowed "volunteer" by our instructors to perform on stage...

I think my red top makes me look more like red-riding hood here hahahhahaha 

With the other 2 couples!

Sad to say, we did not won the grand prize to Langkawi but we came in 
2nd place and won ourselves a Mares mask!

However, because there were many chances to perform other than this.. the brave-oh-Tim did participated solo on his own, and won a Berjaya KL hotel stay for 3 days 2 nights! yay~ =)

A big group photo of Scubapeople!

End of the trips went back down to shop for certification/card collection with the mentor,

Thank you Philbert for guiding me!

We are certified divers!

Tim with his Advanced cert and my Open Water cert.

Shall share one of the worst experience i've encounter during my first trip....
instead of completing the usual 5 dives during my first diving trip, I only completed 3 dives and the other 2 dives resting on the jetty lying down like a sick person. It was due to my nose vessel breakage during 2 of the dives.

Scary experience because I have never never NEVER ever experience nose bleeding in my whole life plus even my saliva is filled with blood and muscus....

This is the least disgusting side..... i've capture the image that has mucus and 
even more blood to remember this... LOL

Anyway, Philbert said it was a "normal" experience for divers. Because of the speed when we descend/ascend hence the breakage, or if you have sinus etc. I was #totallyfreakedout.

Glad that the 2nd trip I did not experience it but was Tim's turn to experience.... impressed that he can still continue diving and diving like he is born to live underwater that kind.

Can't wait for the next dive trip with Scubapeople again! =)


  1. Hi! Do blog about your trip to Boracay soon! ^^ I'm interested to know about the activities there and how much you need to spend there as i'll be going in mid Oct!

  2. Hi Anonymous, I will try to do it before your trip :)