Friday, 5 September 2014

Chapter 15: Boracay Trip Part 1

As promised, time to update my Boracay trip!

I've got the greed to actually upload ALL the photos.
of course it didn't work out..... since this is just Part 1 of the trip post.

It was an impromptu trip to the island...
A 5 days 4 nights trip with baby!
we booked our flight and accommodation from Tiger air and Agoda 2 weeks earlier.

An almost 4 hours flight to Kalibo Airport from Changi Airport.
From there, you will have to booked for a "taxi/van plus Ferry package" to their Jetty Terminal.
Another 1 and half hour (or almost 2 hours) ride. -- depends on the traffic

The ferry to Boracay Island was another 15 minutes ride.

be prepare to spend hours if you are going Boracay...  it's a hassle i must say.

If we had planned earlier for the trip, i will definitely choose the Calticlan Airport that is nearer to the Jetty Terminal (about 15 minutes away only?) able to fly via CEBU Air.
Anyway after you reached the Jetty terminal via the taxi/van, you need to spend another 15 minutes "tuk tuk-tricycle OR taxi-van" ride to Station 3.

Photos below are taken when I departed Boracay.... 
my arrival to Boracay was a pretty bad experience. It was night fall and a rainy day -.-

how the ferry looks like

someone will poach you to sell you the packages (van + ferry)

Inside is very squeezy.....

As mentioned we arrived Boracay in the night, rainy, windy, bad experience.
pls pls pls never go Boracay during monsoon season!

Day 2 photos,

Stayed in Hey Jude! South Beach Resort at Station 3. Recommended by Jasmine :)
was a good stay. I booked the Sunset View room.

Do note that there are 2 Hey Jude! resorts in Boracay, the other one is located in Station 2 and is more run-down... if you are looking for something decent and affordable this will be a right choice!

Directly outside our resort is the white beach~

Our room is located at the 3rd storey! 
Yes! Front view of the resort to admire the sea and sun!

As it was the monsoon period, every resorts including ours had a strong "black shield" at the front!
it helps to prevents the sand and the horrible strong wind to blow us off!

no joke.... when it's really windy, the sand are like needles 
poking into your face, legs, hands, everywhere! 

what's more it's near the sea.....

you are chatting too much with the front desk officer my dear -.- hahahaha

Dining area,

a really good place to chill...

After the first day, I really have the thoughts that my Boracay Trip will 
be a disaster because of the unpredictable weather.

But who knows we actually met really nice people?! 

We met Jamie and Yi Jun who are our travel buddies during the trip... 
a really wonderful experience to meet them! Our first meet-up was in the "taxi-van" after we arrived Boracay Island. Then we lost contact as we need to hunt for our resort despite we are staying in the same Station. 

Who knows... we coincidentally met each other again in D'mall the next day!

What are the odds to meet a couple while you are travelling and that you can click so well with?! 

We also met this really nice "package salesman" (the one in the middle) who ended up becoming
our "tour guide cum photographer cum buddy".

His name is Michael, territory located at Station 3 (near Hey Jude!)! Wahaha
EVERYONE (as in staffs/local "sales man") knows him.

so if you are interested, feel free to ask the people around and if you are lucky enough to spot him! 

Our first activity was island-hopping,

They brought us to this "crocodile island spot" to snorkel... 
the water is too choppy... came up after 15 minutes as it started to rain too -.-

our travel buddies stamina were really good! they snorkel for 30 minutes at least hahaha

Wanted to tried out cliff-jumping, but weather was in bad condition = waves is too strong = jump already confirm injure or critical condition or die on the spot.

After snorkeling we went to Crystal Cove Island instead! (Cave-island)

Tourist mode on......

Take photo here,  take photo there! 

A very beautiful island!

There are 2 caves in total... each at different ends.

First cave,

Reaaaaalllllly narrow and slippery stairs leading down to the cave.

From the top you will be in awe already

group photo to be exact lol

Loves the crystal clear water of the island...

Walking down,

How beautiful is this?

with Jamie!

tried out.... the water is freezing cold.

it's pretty deep hence Michael passed us a float to hold on to.

The boys' turn,

can never take enough shots of the place... camera really doesn't do much justice!

"you sure you want go out bro?"

"hey, we can stand!"

"why so serious?"

beautiful place!

stairways to heaven hahaha

Walked over to the other end of the island for Cave no.2,

our travel buddies!

very farrrr............

All of us are tired out...

that's another island for cliff jumping... 
but this is not the Authentic "Ariel's Point"

Walked through the jungle-like pathway....

many flights of stairs.

And we finally reached Cave no.2!

Yet another narrow stairways...

this time with the help of a rope!

Cave no.2 was pretty challenging.. you need to 
passed through different challenges to get to your point.

But we still manage to snap lots of photos! Teehee

anywhere, everywhere~!

there's a small tunnel for you to crawl into the cave...

And here's the destination,

Michael's assistant is really knowledgeable on which angles and which positions we should do/take!

A simple posture to create these sophisticated shots

Jump down jump down! 

We had lots of fun!!!

Photobomb shot success like it's a deliberate group photo

No doubt, it's a beautiful place when the weather is sunny and good!

Late lunch time....

too many flies around.... so we "acted" as the helper to chase 
those flies away with the fanning stick thing.

of course, there are staffs there doing for you hahahaha

Back to square one....

On the way back to station 3.... you will passed by a few flooding points,

Day 3....... probably the best day in our trip!

100% Sunny day.

See how beautiful the white beach is!

Getting ready for our day!

While waiting for our travel buddies....

you snap, 

i snap :)

We went to Sunny Side Cafe for breakfast!

yummy tomato soup

i forgot what is this called... but inside is cheese mix with meat and macaroni!

sunny side up that is in heart shape!

looks like char siew malay rice... hahaha

another similar one of the macaroni set!

Then off we go for our water sports!

It's located behind the white beach, I think it's called Bulabog Beach.

There will be tents around for you to make purchases for their water activities.

Price list and activities!
Exchange rates is about 100 peso = almost SGD 3
1000 peso = almost SGD 30 ($28.74 to be exact)

ps: it also depends on when you go etc. 
the last time we went the rate was about 32-35?

Moving over to our activities area!

Very interesting place.... the area is in the middle of the sea.

Supported by bamboo sticks,

First up was para-sailing!

Getting ready with baby.

safety check!


force to take a kissing photo by our travel buddies and Michael hahaha

Instead of the usual single para-sailing which you start from land,
this time round we took the dual one!

And you start from the boat directly.... how cool is that?!


we believe we can fly~~~

Back to boat..... Jamie and Yi Jun getting ready

About 15 minutes ride up there~

High enough to show you the beauty of Boracay!

i love you, you love me! <3

not sure who's hand is this... but it's a good timing haha

After Jamie and Yi Jun's turn we went back to the place for Jet-ski!

choose jet-ski like choose car hahaha

Jamie you saw something you like?! hahaha

bye bye!

the sea water makes your eyes really painful. Water condition is too choppy.... 
the water just kept stinging your eyes.

Tim and I took turns round and round to control the jet-ski,

Loves how carefree and fast the speed goes in the sea!!!

Purposely go nearer to take photos,

Good shot! Hee.

About 30 minutes in total we spent jet-skiing.

Our energy level are left with 1/4... and our last activity was Flying Fish!
of course we rested for a good 15 minutes because you need lots of energy and strength for this!!!

Getting ready......

Are you ready?!

Now look here!

We will survive!

Our whole experience was.... too much of laughter.

The first 2 who fall was Tim and Yi Jun.
Jamie and I laugh our ass off...

Initially when it started to go off, all of us just kept laughing and telling each other how tiring it was and afraid of falling.. out of the sudden, the only laughter that's left was mine and Jamie's! 

Unforgettable experience i must say hahahaha

please see how strong our Yi Jun is! 
falling from the side but he still manage to held on all the way! hahahaha

Mind you.... the strength and energy you need to hold on to the Flying Fish 
is pretty extreme, unstable and exhausting.

one last round!


but the sea water make our eyes really painful....

FINALLY... i will do it again the next time, but not playing 
jet-ski or any other activities before that hahaha

Had our early dinner at a Japanese Restaurant near our resort,

I really really love the concept of the stores/resorts in Boracay!

Too chill to be good....

They serve nice and affordable food! Mixture of Japanese + Local cuisine.

Hungry us! 

got sunshine girls feel? hahaha

the sure-have pork cutlet rice

forgot what is this called =x haha it's a glass noodle dish

Fried japanese ramen

Baby's. But became mine after trying the first mouth.... this is really really nice! 
It's a local (Philippines) dish btw!

Part 2 to be continued.............


  1. thankyou so much for sharing!! :) can i know how much do you roughly spend there? the hotels, ferries and the 3 water activities?

  2. Hi Anonymous, we spent around 2.5k for 2 pax (flight, hotel, activities and all other expenses)