Sunday, 20 April 2014

Chapter 10: Little Junior and his sister

If you already knew..... just few months back, i gotten one of the best birthday present from Baby! =) 

A little puppy which I always wanted! 

It was a tough hunt/decision for me although it is a present from baby.... I told him that we should really interact with the puppy before getting, as having a puppy is like having a new kid, a new commitment, while every puppy has different characteristics, reacts to different people differently too. The puppy that comes home with us should not be defensive or whatever with us and also the kids. It is really important! I have met puppy kind of toy poodle getting extreme defensive and fierce towards me when he/she saw me! 

So baby actually brought me to (almost) every pet stores in Singapore to find the "right one"! 

Alas, we settled down in Wellfond Pets! I was so stuck with 2 of the poodles there...
even brought the kids to meet them too!

We chose the male although i've always wanted a female one.

He is known as Junior. And he has a sister from the same litter too. 
Was so stuck with the both of them when I first saw them.....

but eventually, we got Junior instead due to the special chemistry we had 
after interacting and constant re-visiting.

Anyway his sister was already sold to a very lovely couple, and we planned a meet-up session together with the siblings few weeks back!

Initial visit,

(Right: Junior Sister, Left: Junior)
Junior's sister is like a tea cup poodle. 
The shop owner called her a "toy cup" lol.

she's really cute and lovable too!

The owner of Junior sisters, Carrot! (Cindy and her bf)

Baby and I with the siblings. 

See their size differences! After almost 3 months of separation....

Junior has been growing fast within this 2 months, from 1.3kg to now, 2.6kg -.-
Carrot is only 900gm. Cindy shared with me that when she just got Carrot she is only 560gm?

So much like a tea cup!

We let the siblings interacts with each other,

Like mommy and baby =x LOL

Dogs has this fetish in smelling each other's butts (the way they "make friends").... 
so most of the time they were doing that... 

No, it wasn't as drama as anyone can imagine when siblings meet together after a separation.
Carrot is a very shy baby.... while Junior's the initiative one.

Still, a great meet-up! The siblings had fun with each other after warming up!
And it was awesome knowing Cindy, her spouse and seeing Carrot again! 

Till the next time!

One of my favorite photo after Junior had his basic grooming at Pets Palace.

My virgin visit to bring Junior there for a basic grooming session.
It's really affordable and the skills from the groomer is just thumbs up although is just a basic grooming but we can see the differences from the before and after.

Just in case anyone is living in Bukit Batok, might like to bring your furkids for a session too!
There's even delivery services of $5 to and fro! (if you are staying nearby)

The place is called Pets Palace and is located in Bukit Batok Blk 347.

Till then!


  1. I'm so slow to realise that you're blogging again. However I saw very imbecile comments from strangers who don't even dare to be named or recognised. Anyways, wish you all the best in everything you do because you deserve nothing but the best, in fact every kind soul should. A self composed quote as a gift to you and was also inspired by you ; "知心人知你痛楚,无心人不曾在乎。琐碎的事别忧心,向前奔跑更开心。"

    1. Thank you babe! <3 Well, cyberworld bounds to have warriors around. Ha! That's a nice quote btw! :)

  2. Hi Sandy,
    If you are talking about the one near bukit gombak, I used to bring my dog there for grooming too. But there was this once when I'm not sure if the groomer is having a bad day or what, she was being rough to my dog and I can see obvious 'cut' on the skin of my dog and my poor dog had a really bad scare that he refused to interact with any humans n would just hide under the sofa or bed all day long, if not he would suddenly run to our lap but was shivering throughout. We had no choice but to bring him to the vet and the vet told us that he probably got a scare as we do not know what exactly happened at the shop, but I reckon it wasn't something good since there were obvious scar and his change of behaviour happens immediately after we brought him home after the grooming. He was only a baby at that point in time too. Less than 1 year old and thus we had to switch him to somewhere else.

    I'm not sure if the groomer is still the same and I'm not trying to ruin their reputation or something. After all we are all dog lover and I would just like to share this unpleasant experience w you, and hopefully your puppy won't get this kind of bad experience from them..


    1. Hi Jazz, that's really a bad experience!!!! which blk you went to??? Mine still ok... after grooming i will request for a transport delivery back to my place. Whenever the uncle send back to my house, he will even pass a free teeth treat for Junior too! But anyway! thanks for the info!!! I don't have the habit to stick to one groomer :x Junior is with 3 different groomers currently. Hopefully all sessions will be good~