Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Chapter 11: Nothing but words

It's really hard for me to get that "blogging spirit" back when I've stop for years. I know I've been abandoning this blog for the longest time... The passion to write as and when I want, what and where I've been is not as strong as how I used to have during my "blogging days".

But anyway~ this blog is still alive. 

It's a working day for me today. A tiring Wednesday... I spent my night yesterday out with my team. I'm feeling very much like a young girl in an old lady's body.. Less than 7 hours of sleep makes me a zombie the next day. As much as I feel like posting many photos to share in my blog, i feel like writing whatever that comes into my mind even more. Just words, words and words. But seriously.... past few days I've been randomly thinking on what topic I would like to vent out on. BUT! after logging into blogger, the mind just went blank. Chucks!!!

Not long ago, I chance upon this article online.... worth a read:

How many do agree?

I shall keep this post short and sweet after I've recover from my " memory loss ". Just a short post here to revive this blog back :) 

I will be back! Teehee. 

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